NFL Picks: Week 16 – Sports activities Illustrated Indianapolis Colts Information, Evaluation and Extra

NFL Picks: Week 16 - Sports Illustrated Indianapolis Colts News, Analysis and More

Now that you’ve analyzed all of the playoff scenarios and know what could happen in week 16, it’s time to simplify the situation.

The Indianapolis Colts (10-4) know they will have to win at the Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3) on Sunday to hold at least one spot in the AFC wildcard playoffs. If the playoffs were today, the Colts would be the AFC’s sixth seed. But a win at Heinz Field and a loss to the Tennessee Titans at Green Bay put the Colts at the top of the AFC South Division, which, if retained after one more game, means at least a fourth place on the grid and a home game.

This is the nature of late December games with added significance. The packers (11-3) try to secure seed # 1 of the NFC. The Titans (10-4) are trying to hold back the Colts for this division title and automatic mooring.

The Steelers have lost three games in a row but can win the AFC North Division with one win. If they lose, a season finale against the Cleveland Browns could decide that division.

As the Colts are known, a loss in Pittsburgh opens the door to being overtaken by Baltimore and Miami for final AFC playoff spots. There are too many teams fighting for a placeholder. Someone will be bitterly disappointed.

So there is little room for error, and choosing these games depends on gut instinct. The Steelers were the first home favorites, but after losing at Cincinnati on Monday night, the Colts are now two-point favorites on the road.

The Colts-Steelers matchup brings together two quarterbacks selected in the first round of the 2004 NFL draft. The Philip Rivers of the Colts were drafted to fourth overall by the NY Giants and then sold to the San Diego Chargers. The Steelers selected Ben Roethlisberger with the 11th overall victory.

Justin Houston (99) and Darius Leonard (53) celebrate a fiddly recovery in Pittsburgh in 2019.

Good luck, picker!

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Vikings with saints – saints

Buccaneers at Lions – Buccaneers

49ers at Cardinals – Cardinals

Dolphins at Raiders – Dolphins

Hawks with chiefs – chiefs

Browns at Jets – Browns

Colts at Steelers – Colts

Panthers in Washington – Washington

Bears among jaguars – bears

Giants by ravens – ravens

Bengals at Texans – Texans

Broncos on chargers – Broncos

Eagles at cowboys – eagles

Aries at Seahawks – Seahawks

Titans at Packers – Packers

Bills with patriots – bills

Week 15 – 12-4 (.750)

Total – 151-72-1 (.676)

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