Pandemic Spots from Metazoa, Rooster Kitchen, and Extra – Indianapolis Month-to-month

Pandemic Spots from Metazoa, Rooster Kitchen, and More - Indianapolis Monthly

Even without a pandemic, January and February are historically the most difficult months for the hospitality industry. Now is the time to spend this Gift cards off vacation, and make a point of spending your money at independent local restaurants. We just have to hold out a few more months, so all hands (mouths?) Are on deck.

Do you miss being out in the world? Get a taste of it by bringing a puzzle or game and spreading out in the wide open spaces of Metazoa Brewing Company‘s (140 S. College Ave., 317-522-0251) taproom on Monday nights. With lots of high ceilings and space for tables, the brewery adjacent to Fletcher Place is one of the best scenarios for fixing your public space while minimizing the risk.

Tap kitchen (888 Massachusetts Ave., 317-426-2020) continues to innovate in times of pandemic. In the past few months, some renovations have been completed and the ready-made meals segment expanded. Now you can have your favorite Rooster sauces delivered to your doorstep via the local farmers market delivery service, Market Wagon – the same place that you can get mikado ramen kits and your other favorite local dishes.

Broad ripple Public greens (900 E. 64th St., 317-964-0865) has shown a lot of pandemic adjustment muscle and is stretching a little more in partnership with the Indianapolis Art Center. Dinner guests can opt for a make-and-take class that includes dinner and a professional to walk you through your macrame creations. When class is over, take your handicraft home with you, along with any leftovers. Reservations are required. Give them a call or scan the QR code on the poster in the public green window for the event on January 13th or 27th.

Muncie vegan bakery Sea salt and cinnamon offers one week ingredient prep kits for breakfast and lunch burritos, and Buddha bowls and salads. It’s all a la carte so you can choose how much preparation to outsource based on your budget.

Diners cleaned up The garage open over its first full weekend. Literally. Poke Guru ran out of protein on Sunday and Lick had to reset all ice bars and milkshakes while they were being reset. It’s been a hugely successful opening weekend, and the multiple sell-outs show Indianapolis is ready for a Food Hall experience.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the Pan-Asian popup outsiderNow you can take something home while they offer a take away menu of ramen bowls with a long cooked broth and fresh noodles or a pint of cold kimchi. They’ll even go to the hassle of dropping it on your doorstep. Order via Instagram direct message @ misfit.indy.

Circadian coffee publishes a coffee for the true coffee-obsessed lover: Indian Monsooned Malabar, one of the most unique processed coffees in the world. The coffee cherries are sun-dried to harden, then sorted and stored until the monsoon season. When the warm, moist air arrives, they are exposed to the air in well-ventilated stores, which causes the beans to expand and turn a golden color when delicately raked and rotated at regular intervals. The resulting coffee has a near neutral pH with very little acid.