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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indianapolis Indian season is temporarily suspended.

The Tribe found a way to warm up fans for May while making an impact on Indy.

“If we distance ourselves socially, this is an opportunity for our community to come together,” said Cheyne Reiter, Indian communications director. “Instead of making a direct donation to your grocery bank, you can buy some Indian merch and we will make the donation for you.”

Dollar for dollar, the Indianapolis Indians match each of their online sales of goods and donate the total amount to the Indianapolis food banks.

Patrick Westrick, the Indian commodity manager, said, “Everything from baseball bats to petty thugs, anything to support a good cause. And like I said, if you spend $ 10, we throw in $ 10. If you spend $ 100, we’ll throw $ 100 back for a good cause. “

The Indians offer free shipping on all online orders to the United States. Westrick told News 8 that there have been a dozen different states they have shipped to and that their online store sales have increased nearly 400% this week alone.

Reiter said the organization is trying to make the most of the situation and prepare its fans for the coming season.

“Just because there’s no sport going on doesn’t mean we won’t be here,” said Westrick. “This is helping the Indianapolis Indian community come together, and while we may not go through the gates on April 9th, it may give us a different view of baseball. We may appreciate it more than we did a few days ago. “

There are only a few days left to make this project a home run. To shop, go to IndyIndians.com/Shop.

The closing date for the Indians’ Merch Match is Sunday at midnight.