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Repeal, Yaso Jamaican Grill, and More - Indianapolis Monthly

Mob Coffee (2119 E. 10th St.) is about to go back online under the new owners Jessica and Mitchell Tellstrom, who bought the company a few weeks ago and provided a very modest amount of crowdfunding they are using use a loving revision within the company Cafe.

Fletcher Place Restaurant Repeal, the meal companion for the 5/12 Distillery, announced last week that it will close its doors on October 30th.

The broad ripple Public greens (900 E. 64th St., 317-964-0865) is once again leading the way in innovation by installing individual greenhouses along the Monon. The squat little plastic and aluminum houses are made for germinating seeds, but guests will find they are warm and windproof when the temperatures drop. They’re just big enough for a two or maybe three person coffee table when you push.

Yaso Jamaican Grill (1501 Prospect St.) opens in the former Indy’s Rib Kitchen near Fountain Square.

Bluebeard (653 Virginia Ave., 317-686-1580) is adjusting again, this time in preparation for the winter months. By now we are all familiar with their online take away options and the fun goodies they cooked on their smoker’s patio this summer. Now they have opened the apartment above the restaurant to get a second prize Thursday through Sunday. With plenty of space between the tables in the airy apartment, they take timed seating to minimize risk and offer themed menus like a sushi and a ramen dinner.

While so many restaurants are closing without additional government aid, others are blowing up takeaway options. Big Woods is one of them who recently opened offices in West Lafayette and Edinburgh. If you haven’t lived in the forest in the past few years, you’ve probably heard of their piled high pork nachos and bubbly pan pizzas that spawned the growing empire. And since we’re likely staring at a lot of indoor game nights this winter, there has never been a better occasion (or more places to choose from).

Urban Vines Winery (303 E. 161st St., Westfield, 317-763-0678) offers the ultimate autumn connection with its newly installed stone fire pits and several Halloween wine slushies on tap. The Urban Vines crew offers S’Mores, brats, hot dogs, popcorn and enough space by the fire for 12 people and of course lots of firewood. The special flavors of the slushies are Scream-Sicle, Twisted Pumpkin and S-Lime, now until the end of the scary season. Reserve your fire pit online on Urban Vine website.

Send lasagna to a friendStephanie Eppich Daily’s lasagna catering and delivery business continues with a series of pop-ups at the Fishers Test Kitchen Signature Table. For just $ 12, you can choose up to two types of your choice: gorgonzola, meat sauce, or vegetable lasagna, which come with a side salad and garlic bread – a comfort meal from heaven. Daily lasagna is made from ham, chicken and onions, bathed in a creamy gorgonzola and baked. For an additional $ 5, you can get a piece of sugar cream cake or chocolate mousse pie.

Everyone’s favorite café providers (1101 E. 16th St., 317-550-5008) adapts to the change again by opening the Tinker House event room above for socially distant seating and working areas if the room is not booked for events. Coat Check Coffee, its sister café in the Athenaeum, now offers socially detached seating from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the downtown landmark’s Basile Theater