Shots near Floyd Square on the anniversary of death – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

  Shots near Floyd Square on the anniversary of death - WISH-TV |  Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – The Minneapolis intersection where George Floyd died was razed by gunfire Tuesday, just hours before a family-friendly street party was due to take place to mark the anniversary of his death by police.

The Associated Press video from 38th Street and Chicago Avenue – informally known as George Floyd Square – showed people running and taking cover when gunfire rang out. Police said a person later showed up at a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound, but it was not immediately clear whether that person was injured in the incident near the intersection.

Philip Crowther, a reporter from AP Global Media Services, who provides live video coverage to customers, said he heard up to 30 shots over a block east of the intersection. Crowther said a shop window was broken in a gunshot.

“Things went back to normal very quickly,” said Crowther. “The people here who spend a lot of time, the organizers, would run around and say, ‘Does anyone need a paramedic? ‘It seems like there are no injuries. “

Police responded to a report of gunfire at around 10:10 am in the 3800 block of Elliot Ave. South. Callers told police that a vehicle was seen spinning out of the area.

Shortly thereafter, someone with a gunshot wound went to the nearby Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Police said it was not a life-threatening injury.

Like other major cities, Minneapolis is grappling with increasing gun violence, a problem made worse by many officers who have left the embattled force since Floyd’s death. A 6-year-old girl has been fatally shot and two other children injured in the past few weeks. Mayor Jacob Frey unveiled a number of public safety proposals last week aimed at addressing the problem. Other groups are pursuing a more radical redesign of the police department.

The intersection of 38th and Chicago has been barricaded since shortly after Floyd’s death and quickly became a memorial – and a challenging place for the city as well, as cops aren’t always welcome.

The square was turned into an outdoor festival on Tuesday, the anniversary of his death, with food, activities for children and a long list of musicians.

“We’re going to turn grief into dancing,” tweeted rapper Nur-D. “We will celebrate 365 days of strength in the face of injustice.”

Floyd, 46, who was black, died on Memorial Day 2020 after then-officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck and held him to the ground for about 9 1/2 minutes. The white chauvin was convicted of murder last month and convicted on June 25th. Three other dismissed officers are still on trial.

The “Rise and Remember George Floyd” celebration, including a candlelight vigil at 8pm, includes days of marches, rallies and panel discussions about his death and where America faces racial discrimination.

Many members of the Floyd family are said to be in Washington, DC on Tuesday in a private meeting with President Joe Biden, who called family members following the chauvinist ruling and pledged to continue fighting for racial justice.

Floyd family lawyer Ben Crump said he hoped Biden would renew his support for police reform named after George Floyd, which bans chokeholds and police raids without knocking, and is creating a national register of officials disciplined for serious misconduct.

“Now is the time to act,” Crump told CNN on Tuesday. “Don’t just talk, act.”

Floyd’s brother Philonise, who appeared alongside Crump, said he thinks of George “all the time”.

“My sister called me at noon last night and said, ‘This is the day our brother left us,’” he said, adding, “I think things have changed. I think it’s going slowly, but we’re making progress. “

Nur-D, real name Matt Allen, took to the Minneapolis streets in the days after Floyd’s death and frequently provided medical assistance to protesters who were shot or gassed in confrontations with police. He eventually formed an organization, Justice Frontline Aid, to support safe protest.

He described the past year as “as if we had lived in one for 20 years” and hoped that people would experience “honesty and a real togetherness” during the celebration on Tuesday.

“When you are angry, you can be angry. If you are sad, you can be sad, “Nur-D said in a follow-up interview. “If you feel a sense of delight at the judgment and a similar step in the right direction and want to celebrate that, do that too.”

The event was organized by the George Floyd Global Memorial. Angela Harrelson, an aunt of Floyd’s and a member of the board of directors, said the organization has stored 3,000 items related to Floyd’s death – things like works of art that were left in the square – and will display some of them in a pop-up gallery .

Separately, the Floyd family announced the launch of a fund to provide grants to businesses and community organizations in the neighborhood where he died, as well as broader grants to “promote the success and growth of black citizens and community harmony promote”. The money comes from $ 500,000 earmarked for the Floyd family as part of the city’s $ 27 million settlement earlier this year.

The George Floyd Square event was due to begin at 1:00 p.m., the same time Governor Tim Walz urged the Minnesotans to take a moment of silence to honor Floyd. Walz asked that the moment last 9 minutes and 29 seconds – the length of time prosecutors said Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck.