Takuma Sato reflects “lonely” 2020 Indianapolis 500

Takuma Sato reflects

The two-time Indianapolis 500 winner invited Dave Calabro to sit down in downtown Hinata for lunch.

INDIANAPOLIS – Defending Indianapolis 500 Champion Takuma Sato has a chance to join an elite company this year if he can win his third Indy 500.

He recently took time out to have lunch with 13News sports director Dave Calabro at his favorite restaurant, Hinata, on downtown Washington Street.

“If you have to go fast, you need good fuel,” said Sato.

“That’s fuel for you, isn’t it? Good energy feed,” said Calabro. “Do you eat fast food?”

“I do,” Sato replied. “Hamburgers and cheeseburgers are also my favorite foods.”

There were no cheeseburgers on the menu that day as the chef prepared a bento box, a kind of sampler platter of various Japanese foods.

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“Everything on this plate looks delicious, but I’m a little scared of the squid,” said Calabro.

“Just do it,” said Sato.

“It’s pretty good,” said Calabro after taking a large bite.

“Right? I mean, it obviously looks a bit scary, but …” Sato laughed.

Back to racing, Sato said he looks forward to seeing fans return to Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year.

“Very excited. That’s the only thing we really missed in 2020: fans and atmosphere,” he said. “It was just so sad, so lonely. Gasoline alley, so quiet … It was horrible, to be honest.”

The 105th run of the Indianapolis 500 takes place on Sunday, May 30th. Sato starts in 15th place outside of row 5 to take a third win.