The best way to order takeaway meals in Indianapolis

Ken Billeter has exceeded 48,000 deliveries for ClusterTruck grocery delivery startup in Indianapolis.

You won’t be able to eat out at restaurants in Indianapolis after the coronavirus outbreak, but you can still order take away and delivery so you may be wondering how to do it safely.

Governor Eric Holcomb has closed full-service dining operations through the end of March to help control the spread of COVID-19. Restaurants from Carmel to Greenwoood face their greatest challenge: how to employ workers and stay in business.

In response, restaurants are expanding their grocery delivery and take-out services or offering them for the first time.

Use these tips to manage the ordering process:

Delivery without contact

“It is widely believed that coronaviruses are transmitted from person to person through respiratory droplets,” said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats, and others offer contactless delivery to protect customers and drivers.

Have the drivers place orders on the doorstep, in the lobby, or in any other area you specify. If an app allows, send a photo so the driver can pinpoint the drop-off location.

Also, check out the delivery services’ apps and websites to see what companies are doing to control the spread of the virus. For example, ClusterTruck, which has traditionally only served as a delivery restaurant, has a section on its website with information about coronavirus. Here, company founder Chris Baggot notes that the kitchen is completely closed to the public.

He also mentions that all employees, including delivery staff, must sign a policy requiring them to report symptoms or exposure to disease. “In addition, we have frequent calls to managers to update these and strengthen measures,” Baggot said in a message to customers.

Wash more than your hands

Restaurants follow strict hygiene regulations and have surpassed reputations during the coronavirus outbreak. But there is more to consider once the food arrives.

“Current findings indicate that novel coronaviruses on surfaces made of different materials may remain viable for hours or even days,” reports the CDC.

Avoid touching your face after picking up your food and when you are back where you will be eating, especially if you used doorknobs and banisters to get there. Wash your hands before opening the packaging of containers and utensils.

Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds before consuming, paying special attention to your thumbs and fingertips.

Quickly throw away food packaging and disinfect surfaces that have come in contact with it. Disinfect doorknobs, light switches, cabinet handles and everything else that you have touched on the way to your home or workplace.

“Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Gloves should be thrown away after every cleaning, ”advises the CDC.

Before eating, wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, paying particular attention to your thumbs and fingertips. “Many studies have actually shown that the areas we wash the least are the areas where we touch things the most,” says Dr. Cole Beeler of IU Health’s infectious diseases team in a video demonstrating the best hand washing techniques.

How to order

Check with restaurants to see if they use a delivery service like GrubHub, DoorDash, or UberEats. In this case, instead of calling a restaurant directly, you may need to order through these services. That means you have to download an app or order it online through your computer.

You can also collect takeaway orders yourself. Some restaurants offer roadside service, including Cafe Patachou, Illinois Street Food Emporium, Oakley’s Bistro, Vegan Restaurant Three Carrots, Moveable Feast, North End Barbecue & Moonshine, and Meridian Restaurant & Bar.

Delivery options for restaurants in Indianapolis

These companies supply restaurant food in Indianapolis. Check menus through their apps or websites. They even deliver from fast food and chain favorites like McDonald’s, Arby’s, Panda Express, White Castle, Steak ‘n Shake, and Golden Corral.

Local delivery companies

ClusterTruck has its own kitchen, but that

Fast lane is a bicycle supplier serving downtown Indy, the IUPUI campus, Old Northside, and Fountain Square. Cyclists bring groceries from restaurants, markets, and food stalls. The list includes Wildwood Market, Sugarfire Smokehouse, and Circle City Soups. Check out the website.

Total take out Serves 115 restaurants in Indianapolis and Carmel and another 50 in Greenwood and the South Side. Lots of international dishes like tacos, gyros, and tandoori chicken are in the mix, along with convenience favorites like fried chicken and barbecue. Download the app or visit

Toast TakeOut Doesn’t deliver, but saves time by pre-ordering your order so your order will be ready when you arrive at a restaurant or the Fishers Test Kitchen. Check out

Indy all nightis for people who are not fans of apps. Call or order online for dinner and late night grocery delivery. Indy All Night does not deliver food to the restaurant. It has its own kitchen where chefs prepare dishes such as pasta, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts and a children’s menu. Call 317-690-0595 or order online at

ClusterTruck also has its own kitchen, but the delivery-only restaurant that serves Carmel and downtown Indy has some local favorites like Mathoos Eggrolls and Sahms Sour Cream Coffee Cakes. Download the app or visit

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