The brand new fort’s Casa Mañana is misplaced – in a great way – Indianapolis Month-to-month

The new castle's Casa Mañana is out of place - in a good way - Indianapolis Monthly

The hotel is approximately Located 50 miles of cornfields east of Indy, New Castle is the epitome of Hoosier. Basketball comes first – you can visit the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, spend a night at the Steve Alford All-American Inn, or check out one of the largest high school gyms in the country. So how is it that a classic Midwestern city has a stunning Spanish-style property that looks like it was plucked from the hills of California?

Casa Mañana (“House of Tomorrow”) was built in 1929 and has only changed hands four times. Notably, 90 percent of the furniture in the house is original. The entire contents of the house were included in each sale. Whether photos from 1930, 1960 or today, almost everything has stayed the same.

The original owner chose expensive, superior materials during construction – solid, handcrafted walnuts, lead and stained glass windows, and beautiful Spanish tiles. Probably the most impressive feature, however, is one that architects didn’t want at the time (“You’re crazy to put in such a big skylight,” it says in the story). After three tries, the owner found someone to do the job, but that person refused to sign their name on the construction plans. The massive skylight covers a 25-foot ceiling in an atrium that connects separate wings of the house and feels like a private patio in Mallorca. The sunbaked stones, lush greenery, and soothing fountain take you far away from Indiana.

If you manage to tear yourself out of the atrium, you’ll find five bedrooms, three bathrooms and two half baths in 600 square meters of living space, all of which have been restored by the current owner, as well as 3 acres of gated and gated land with hills and well-kept paths. Then there is the small market discount. In the new work-from-home world, this could all lead to a slam dunk.

Address: 800 Hawthorn Rd., New Castle
Price: $ 575,000
Agent: Jon Kindred, Tucker FC, 765-465-9409

Photos courtesy of Jeff Riggins.