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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WISH) – When it comes to Indiana winter, there is usually always a fair amount of snow to be expected. However, this has not been the case this season. It was not just a dry January, but a fairly dry winter overall.

Circle City Outdoors spends their winters plowing and treating commercial businesses.

“I’ll say that snow is one of the biggest things about us here at Circle City,” said Daniel Barry of Circle City Outdoors.

This year their trucks parked a lot.

“We usually salt or plow or prepare for another snow event. January is one of our busiest months and we haven’t done much,” said Barry.

On the same day in 2019, our crews spoke to Barry about the weather, but there was no shortage of snow that day.

“This storm dumped about 7.2 inches. It kept us busy for about 24 hours. Our salt trucks were driving, we were collecting snow from properties, ”said Barry in an interview in 2019 during a snow storm.

It’s not just January, central Indiana falls well below average snowfall this season.

“So far we’ve only seen about 2.7 inches. We should be near 10 and a half inches this time of year and the average snowfall for the entire season around 22 [inches]”Said Storm Track 8 meteorologist Tara Hastings.

Circle City has managed to contend with plummeting temperatures to fight ice.

“Unfortunately this winter is not our best year,” said Barry.

Barry hopes to empty his salt supply by the end of the season. “It’s okay if he sits, but we want to use all of the material we bring in.”

Circle City was able to keep the salary workers busy, but had to reduce the hourly staff time.