The Indianapolis Church gives giveaway meals on the roadside

The Indianapolis Church offers giveaway food on the roadside

Life Church’s Eagle Creek Campus members ran out of food on their last giveaway outside of their church

INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis church believes their free grocery giveaway is more important than ever today. Life Church’s Eagle Creek Campus members ran out of food on their last giveaway outside their church building on Lafayette Road just off West 62nd Street. Now they are praying for more help as they care for hungry families.

Pastor Mike Maleto is not surprised by the number of families in need. He noticed that many new families have appeared on the Food Drive.

“You can only tell from the turnout of people how much the need is,” said Pastor Mike.

The monthly giveaway for free groceries was moved to the curb last year due to COVID-19. The need is so great now that Pastor Mike is hoping to get the giveaway twice a month. Within 30 to 40 Life Church volunteers, they help assemble the baskets of food to feed hungry families. When Pastor Mike Maleto asked his membership for help, many of them volunteered immediately. They formed teams to put food together and prepare baskets for those in need.

“So there is some dry food, some meat,” said Pastor Mike. “There are as many fresh vegetables as possible. But enough to make several meals that would take a week or two for a family.”

Pastor Mike’s biggest roadside supporter is his parents, who held signs in the cold. Mom’s sign that says “Pick Up” is quick and easy, and maybe so easy that they run out of food. But the volunteers do not see it as a negative, but as a positive when they run out of food.

“I praise God that we ran out of food because we serve. But I ask God and everyone else who can donate more food,” said Judy Maleto, the pastor’s mother.

She and his father, affectionately known in the Church as “Pappa Mike,” moved from the northeastern United States to serve their son’s ministry. This includes standing outside to get families in need to use the church’s makeshift passage for roadside food distribution.

“It has a bit of traction. But we do it because we want to and because we are led by the Lord,” said Michael Maleto.

The Life Church roadside giveaway is not just food for the body, but also for the soul.

“When you pick up your food, you can leave and pray on the side of the road from your car,” said Pastor Mike.

Pastor Mike told 13News that if they get enough donated food they can take the giveaway twice a month and help needy families at a time when people need help most.