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Crumbl Cookies

A manner festo to cope with the sugar rush in the new biscuits.

The Crumbl Four Pack.Photo by Laura Kruty

Streusel Cookies (8395 E. 116th St., Fishers, 317-284-9311) opens two additional locations in the Indianapolis area, Keystone at the Crossing and Smith Valley Road in Greenwood. If you see a line outside in a mall, you’ve likely found one – and dozens of people be amazed by the over-the-top flavors and sleek pink boxes. Here follow the recipe regulars.

  • It is normal to wait 20 minutes outdoors.
  • If the maximum occupancy in the tiny shop is six, does the whole family have to go inside?
  • Avoid the wait – and cut the line – by pre-ordering in the app. Except during peak hours, roadside collection (actually delivery to your car) is usually instantly available.
  • The aroma of freshly baked cookies is the only reason to enter. It’s like a contact high.
  • Line too long? Locally owned Fat Stack down the street at The Yard in the Fishers District also sells bombastically warm biscuits. The wait is usually shorter, but the flavors sell out more often.
  • Buy a single chocolate chip to eat in your car. It is served warm so you have almost no choice.
  • Three individual cookies cost the same as a pack of four. You can freeze extras at any time.
  • Just because a cookie with frosting, popcorn, and sprinkles looks outrageous doesn’t mean you’ll love it. The chilled sugar and chocolate chips, the only flavors that are always on the menu, are hard to beat.
  • The sugar’s thick frosting isn’t overly sweet, but you can order it unfrozen as well.
  • There could be 15 workers behind the counter, but don’t talk to them. The entire process is clearly automated.
  • Seriously, they don’t know if your book club likes the banana bread biscuit more than the Nutella Mudslide special.
  • The mini-cookies are only for catering orders.
  • Fill a pack of 12 with two of each and add a $ 5 cookie cutter specially designed for dividing a crumbl biscuit into four equal pieces.
  • According to My Fitness Pal, the signature chilled sugar has 680 calories and 90 grams of carbohydrates. That said, you have to be very picky about the weeks that you indulge in any of the four rotating flavors.
  • Muesli as a cookie topping is nothing special. Don’t bite.
  • Don’t try to look at the workers scooping dough out of a massive plastic tub. A little kills the magic.
  • Follow Crumbl on Instagram at your own risk. You are very good at it.

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