The Victorian Gothic “Castle” that became a couple’s forever home – Indianapolis Monthly

The Victorian Gothic

How they landed one of Irvington’s finest homes: the Eudorus Johnson House, also known as Irvington Castle.

The old relationship says “If you know you know” also applies to real estate. Lex Bryan and Benn Euliss felt this magical sting as they entered the legendary Eudorus Johnson House, also known as Irvington Castle.

The Victorian Gothic house, built in 1876, is a sprawling, statuesque beauty with two towers, ornate gable panels, and large windows – a majestic presence right on Irvington Circle, a hub of the neighborhood. When they saw the photos with the listing and the reasonable price of $ 385,000, the couple were intrigued, but it seemed like a long shot. “We thought it was too good to be true,” says Bryan. They had just started thinking about moving and weren’t expecting to find something they loved so quickly. “As soon as we walked in, we both had the overwhelming feeling that this was our new home. We knew we would never come across a house like this in our life. “Bryan loves that the front entrance is hidden in one of the towers and can’t wait to climb the tower – there is a small door and a ladder to get to the top.

They credit their realtor Natalie Clayton of Maywright Property Co. for making their castle dreams a reality. There have been many competitions that have brought several offers above the list price to the table. The pair made theirs within days after the listing hit the market. “I know one thing that has worked in our favor is that it really takes a certain type of family willing to maintain a 150 year old house,” says Bryan – like the experience, an old house to own what they have.

Projects that they will be tackling immediately include replacing the roof and performing foundation repairs. But overall, the 4,700 square meter castle is in wonderful condition, and the new owners can’t wait to pour their love into it. “It deserves that and much more. This is our forever home, ”says Bryan. And a must on Halloween night for the foreseeable future.