This pastoral home in Zionsville is a break from the suburban sprawl – Indianapolis Monthly

This pastoral home in Zionsville is a break from the suburban sprawl - Indianapolis Monthly

Nancy Noel’s former home is as beautiful as the scenes she painted.

Life imitates art, as the saying goes. But instead, at the late, famous artist Nancy Noel’s estate in Zionsville, the two walk hand in hand. Noel was known for her lifelike paintings of angels, children, and animals, and sold millions of prints. With warm color palettes, soft brushstrokes, and ethereal reality, her art often elicits a calming, almost spiritual response. She worked in a studio above one of the barns, with nearly 40 acres of rolling hills and wooded bridle paths outside. She named her pastoral paradise Llandfair Farm, a nod to the llamas, horses, and other animals that roamed the property.

Built by Noel in 1980, the main house is nearly 7,000 square feet and has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Despite Zionsville’s growth, the bucolic farm still feels isolated from the sprawl in the suburbs. The interior combines cozy Americana with elegant French influences from Noel’s travels to Europe, like the ancient stone chimneys that were shipped in pieces and reassembled here. Hidden corners invite you to roll up. Right next to the master suite, a solarium offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. You can take inspiration from Noel’s décor and place a day bed in a sunny spot for the occasional afternoon nap or start the day in the solarium with sunrise yoga.

A pretty fireplace in the kitchen is a reminder of evenings around the fireplace while dinner is brewing nearby, or of the quiet enjoyment of good conversation and a nightcap with old friends. It’s easy to imagine scenes like this all over the house. Thanks to the large bay windows in many rooms, there is always a feeling of connectedness with nature (not to mention great natural light). This calming space provided Noel with years of inspiration and serenity. Now it’s just waiting for new owners to start a new canvas.


Address: 6814 W. 96th St., Zionsville

Price: $ 3,650,000

Representative: Michael Hillard Kosene, Kosene & Kosene Residential, 317-340-4727