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  3 EASY Style Hacks from TikTok - WISH-TV |  Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather

TikTok is more than just dance routines – lifestyle expert Natalie Sexton says she learned so many hacks, from food to makeup, and hair tips to style hacks! Let’s Talk About Fashion Today – Here are some of her favorites as a fashion stylist that anyone can do to freshen up their closet and buy their closet this month!

1.) Cut a Sweater – Tuck a thick sweater into a layered sports bra to trim it! OR use a slim belt around your waist – perfect over any dress to “winterize” it! Love this over a silky slip dress in winter!

2.) Keep your blazer sleeves up! Something as simple as rubber bands are a stylist’s best friend! It can also be used for various other purposes in everyday life, such as: B. to hold up those annoying BF blazer sleeves!

3.) Oversized belt hack! Who else hates that extra belt flap that keeps folding down and falling away – use an elastic headband the same color as the belt to secure the flap in place!

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