Truck with tomato puree crashes and turns red – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

  Truck with tomato puree crashes and turns red - WISH-TV |  Indianapolis News |  Indiana weather

(CNN) – A truck loaded with tomato paste crashed in England this week, coloring a motorway red and sparking a series of food-related word jokes on social media.

The vehicle was involved in a collision with another truck in Cambridgeshire, east England, on Tuesday, Highways England told CNN.

The government’s road authority said the vehicle had “lost its load and damaged the roadway,” resulting in a road closure on the A14.

A driver suffered a “minor” injury, Highways England said.

A spokesman confirmed it was carrying tomato puree that was spilled on the road and resulted in the restoration of the emergency road overnight by Wednesday afternoon.

The crash sparked some jokes – of varying quality – on social media.

“What if you try too quickly to ketchup the Volkswagen Passata in front of you,” said one person on Twitter.

“I ate pasta there. It took a while for the traffic to get ketchup, ”said another.

One person tweeted about the road closure: “And I can imagine that cars have to go slowly when they reopen?”

“So that was the sauce for all traffic problems in Cambridge today,” commented another.

Although it is relatively rare, food spills do occur on highways.

In 2019, a chocolate river was seen on an Arizona freeway after a tanker carrying 18,144 liters of liquid chocolate rolled over on the freeway near Flagstaff.

In a crash near Knoxville, Tennessee, that same year, more than 17 tons of M & Ms were spilled on an interstate ramp. The sweets stayed in the packaging but had to be destroyed.

Hundreds of thousands of red Skittles were spilled on a street in Dodge County, Wisconsin, in 2017. The local sheriff said they were redundant and on their way to a cow farm to be mixed with forage.