USS Indianapolis survivor dies, only 5 left

USS Indianapolis survivor dies, only 5 left

Edgar Harrell was considered a hero among his shipmates who guarded components of the atomic bomb on board the USS Indianapolis.

INDIANAPOLIS – The last surviving Navy from the USS Indianapolis, which sank during World War II, has died.

According to the official USS Indianapolis Facebook page, Edgar Harrell died on Saturday. With the death of James Smith earlier this week, there are only 5 survivors alive.

Harrell joined the USS Indianapolis crew as a seaman in 1944, “which means he was one of the best of the best,” according to the post on the USS Indianapolis Facebook page.

The USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese Navy submarine in July 1945. Around 300 people went down with the ship. The remaining 890 were exposed to dehydration and shark attacks while stranded in the ocean.

“During his time on board the ship, he helped guard components of the atomic bomb,” the Facebook post said. “After torpedoing, he was a hero among his shipmates.”

Harrell traveled the world telling what happened to his ship and his shipmates.

The Facebook post said Harrell will be missing because he is “passionate about telling the salvation story and how he felt the Lord’s comfort throughout the ordeal”.

He and his son David wrote a book called “Out of the Depths” about doom.