Voice of beavers attacked in Indianapolis | news

  Voice of beavers attacked in Indianapolis |  news

INDIANAPOLIS – It was a great day being a beaver on Saturday when the OSU men reached the NCAA’s Elite Eight for the first time since 1982.

For Mike Parker, it was a call he’d been unable to dial behind the play-by-play microphone for Oregon State Men’s Basketball for the past 21 years.

“I’ve loved the melody all my life.” On the banks of the Wabash, far away, “said Parker.

He landed in Indy on March 17th with the 12th beavers seeded and enjoyed all but one brilliant moment during a Saturday stroll along the Canal Walk in Indianapolis.

Before the Beavers game against Loyola Chicago on a beautiful morning, ”he said. “I took another pretty long walk and did all of the work on my map to broadcast the game. I had my notes in my carry-on bag, my work bag. “

The voice of the beaver has a story to tell.

“I noticed that a gentleman on the other side of the channel was acting a bit erratic, dealing with another person and asking some strange questions. I wrote this down in my head, “Hmm, that’s weird,” said Parker. “Moments later, I am suddenly thrown to the ground from behind on the brick sidewalk. My left shoe took off. My shirt was ripped open. I have a few abrasions on my right arm and elbow area and something is coming out of my pocket, enough to make me think he was satisfied that maybe it wasn’t what he thought it was. “

Not often does Parker have spinning stories about himself during his very first trip to Hoosier State.

“At the end of the game after the beavers won, I was in no pain at all. The beaver win just felt like this and I’m sore today! But during the Beavers victory and the euphoria and glory of the victory, I was in no pain, ”he said. “I do not know that. I know the beavers play unreal basketball. Definitely worth going through something like this. Hope it doesn’t happen again mind you but being back here in person instead of remotely calling the games like we’ve been doing all season in football and basketball and probably a lot before baseball, what a It’s an honor to be here again and to be part of this spectacular run by a large group of players and coaches. I say it was worth going through this just to be here and name a game of this magnitude. “

Chalk it on and off the square about another strange event during a strange time in history.

“I showed no interest in developing it at all. I was just glad I was fine and on my feet and going back to the beavers who played Loyola-Chicago in the NCAA tournament,” he said. “I had a game to name and I couldn’t deal with it.”

No harm, no foul.

“The Hoosier hospitality is all I have ever read and heard of anything for a guy,” he said. “But otherwise it was great!”

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