What to Eat at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2021

What to Eat at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2021

Those with an appetite at the Indianapolis 500 have limited options to eat at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year. But there are still plenty of stalls and carts to eat at.

This Indy 500 will be on view for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began and IMS was sold in 2019.

Food trucks and local businesses have set up shops around the route serving sandwiches, chicken tenders and iced coffee, among other things.

Fans also have the chance to play their cooler game thanks to a policy that allows them to enter with their own food and drink.

If you are among the lucky thousands who will be at IMS on Sunday, this is what you can expect.

Chick-aD Chicken Tender and French Fries Basket at IMS.

No significant changes since the Penske acquisition

Kevin Memolo, communications manager at Levy, the Chicago-based company responsible for food concessions at IMS, said the route has slowed after being acquired by Penske Corp. not significantly changed in 2019.

Rather, the differences fans will notice in menu choices and payment processes are due to COVID-19 and efforts to improve health, safety and speed of service.

No cash allowed – but there is a simple solution

All food and beverage locations are cashless – to keep the lines moving better.

Reverse ATMs – those that convert cash into Visa prepaid cards – are located throughout the hall and provide space for IMS visitors who only have cash available upon entry. Any remaining balance can be used for purchases made with Visa prepaid cards outside the venue.

Local brands and food trucks on the route

Want a laden steak and a fountain of cheese over fries ($ 12)? Go to Zeny’s Concession. Fancy a giant smoothie in a gas can container ($ 28)? Coco Cabana’s Tropic Smoothie Bar Truck is waiting for you.

Aiden Langley, 16, of Mooresville, is preparing a sandwich at the Titus Bakery booth at IMS.

Lebanon-based Titus Bakery receives their $ 3 Pershing donut, as well as $ 7 / $ 12 deli sandwiches, biscuits ($ 2.50), and lattes ($ 6 / 8 US dollars) at the B stand, turn 1.

The Java House Coffee Bar in Carmel offers drinks including island mango iced tea ($ 3.75) at Pagoda Plaza.

HotBox Pizza (at the booth of Paddock and Turn 1 / E) will be among other suppliers; Ben’s pretzels (Gate 1 and Gate 9 plazas); Greek Pizza (Turn 2, Southeast Vista); Hop Stop Craft Beer Trailer (Gate 1 and Gate 9 Plazas); and The Kentucky Boyz BBQ (Gate 9 Plaza).

Focus on fan favorites for food concessions at IMS

The stalls operated by concessionaire Levy store traditional stadium items such as corn dogs ($ 8), ribeye sandwiches ($ 10), cheeseburgers ($ 7), pork tenderloin ($ 10), and chicken tenders and fries ($ 10).

Pork tenderloin at IMS.

The same type of food is available at Alley Cafe, but they have breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls, and pastries that are served until 10:30 am

Some fans can order food through an app

For the first time this year, fans at the Hulman Terrace Club can order using the IMS mobile app. The menu includes carved meat, hot dogs, jalapeno cheddar sausages, nachos, soft drinks, craft beer, and wine.

Island Mango Tea from Java House at IMS.

A new cash-free micro-convenience store

Also new this year is a cash-free micro-convenience store, in which drinks, snacks and souvenirs such as hats, lanyards, umbrellas and model cars are sold.

Buyers access the shop via an app. Each purchase is charged to a buyer’s payment account registered in the app, and a receipt is emailed within minutes after the customer has left the store with an item.

Of course, it is expensive to reconcile it with the particular economics of sports and entertainment arenas. A bag of chips is $ 4.27 and a Snickers bar is $ 3.36.

Loaded steak over fries from Zeny's Concession at IMS.

The freestanding store in a 150-square-foot shipping container leverages technology from AIFi, a China and California-based technology startup with 10 stores operating worldwide.

An IMS spokeswoman did not respond to requests for information about the business.

You can bring your own food and drink

If none of the previous options are appealing, there is always the option of bringing your own coolers of food and / or beverages – including alcoholic ones – onto the speedway. Coolers cannot be larger than 14 “x 14” x 18 “. Glass containers are prohibited.

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