Windsor Park, Indy’s Booming New Neighborhood – Indianapolis Monthly

Windsor Park, Indy's Booming New Neighborhood - Indianapolis Monthly


Legendary soul food restaurant for three decades Kountry cuisine has (arguably) served the best fried chicken wings in Indy. The owners have been offering since a fire damaged the original College Avenue location in 2020
Implementation in the Ruckus building. All favorites, catfish sandwiches and fried okra are still on the menu.

1417 Commerce Ave., 317-635-6000,


Without knowing it, you may have eaten up Rebecca Graves’ work. She is known for her tableware and working with local chefs and national cookbook authors. At the Gravesco ceramicsGraves and her team make handcrafted cocktail mugs, stoneware slabs, and noodle bowls that are smooth, earthy, and intentional. The latest cups have Graves’ signature pinched handle. Your fingers rest where theirs. (It’s like holding hands!) Browse the goods online and order them for pickup.

1417 Commerce Ave.,


In front North Mass BoulderThe only thing you could climb into the city center was a flight of stairs. The facility opened this month and features 12 to 17 foot high rock walls and colorful, abstract murals honoring the artist community of the Circle City Industrial Complex. There is also exercise equipment, family lounge areas, and craft beer. The lawyers say:
You can’t drink and then climb.

1411 Roosevelt Ave.,


When you have $ 1,000 to renovate your dining or living room, bring it to RevibedHere you can find furniture, carpets, lamps, candles and decorations that are affordable for criminals. While there are new items, Revibed focuses on repairing and rebuilding vintage furniture.

1402 N. Sheldon St., 463-207-7037,


Anchoring the southern end of the Circle City industrial complex, Centerpoint Brewing Company Beers are made with no pretext and contain an 8.2 percent ABV stout, a Mexican-style lager fortified with lime, and a sour blackberry kettle. The pet-friendly hangout has outdoor seating and invites you to the BYO camping chair.

1125 E. Brookside Ave., 317-602-8386,


The small series chocolate at SoChatti is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher and halal as the owner Matt Rubin only uses three ingredients – cocoa nibs, cocoa butter and sugar. Visit the tasting room for a free flight of chocolate, then shop for pocket-sized bags of your favorite flavor.

1125 E. Brookside Ave., 317-600-3776,


Initially, the brothers Mason and Matt Lamping wanted to start a brewery. They opened Day 8 distillery instead. Try some of their rye whiskey, bourbon, aged rum, or what they call marine gin. Also, keep an eye on the seasonal cocktail menus and take a sip of the ready-to-use canned gin and tonic.

1125 E. Brookside Ave., 317-600-3791,


Fowling, which rhymes with “bowling”, was born in the infield of the speedway and is now permanently here Fowling Warehouse Indy. The game is similar to cornhole and involves throwing a soccer ball at cones. Unlimited open play costs $ 10, and two bars serve over 150 types of beers. If you are not a quarterback material, you can still defend your opponent’s throws.

1125 E. Brookside Ave., 317-406-0326,


The colorful acrylic triangle Sundial flat land by Andrew Severns refers to the three-sided footprint of Windsor Park and forms a pretty photo background.

1429 E. Brookside Ave.


Martha Latta, who lives near the east, is known in the maker community under her brand Sunday Afternoon Housewife and as the founder of the pop-up market for handmade promenades. She is also a master gardener and butterfly expert. So it’s no surprise that their new store, Stamping on the ground, specializing in nature-themed gifts like seed packets and gardening gloves. You can also purchase fresh flowers or one of the housewife’s social justice t-shirts.

1625 Nowland Ave.,


Ryan Graves opened Consolation skate shop in April with sizeable goals: “I want children to know that they can be who they want on a board,” he says. Graves carries Life skateboards, quad skates, clothing and accessories from Muncie.

1633 Nowland Ave., 317-418-5856,


It is rumored that John Dillinger played baseball Spades Park when he was a boy. Maybe it’s true – Spades is more than 100 years old. Here are the facts: Pogue’s Run splits the 31-acre park, chipmunks scurry through protected prairie areas, and old trees shade coveted picnic spots. It’s also a designated bird sanctuary so bring binoculars.

1800 Nowland Ave., 317-327-7179