Youth mentor recognized as one in every of 5 individuals murdered in Indianapolis on Tuesday

Youth mentor identified as one of five people murdered in Indianapolis on Tuesday

INDIANAPOLIS – Five people were killed in a series of deadly shootings on Tuesday evening.

It turns out that one of these victims died trying to protect the city.

For reasons that remain a mystery, someone shot and killed 60-year-old Johnny Purchase on Tuesday.

“He was known so fondly as Mr. Johnny and everyone knew he would be in a hurry if they called Mr. Johnny,” said community worker Tawnya McCrary.

Tawnya explains that Purchase worked as a family success coach for the Edna Martin Christian Center before his death.

“He ultimately lost his life helping someone, so I want the community to know that we lost a real soldier yesterday,” McCrary said.

“He was a stand-up guy. I called him “King” and that was him. That’s how I knew him, said the victim’s son, Jonathan Purchase.

Purchase’s son says his father worked hard to mentor and connect young people at risk when he was killed on the job.

“I know he wanted to do great things in the church. He wanted an influence and he died an influence in the church, ”said Jonathan. “He was ready to help anyone and everyone. He loved, he loved his children and grandchildren. “

“We are so grateful for the service he had and, as we honor him, he tries to lead our community towards a better tomorrow,” said Barato Britt of the Edna Martin Christian Center.

Shortly before Johnny’s death, 32-year-old Ashley Bell was shot dead on Boulevard Place.

Hours later, Jerrell Moten was killed in the Towne and Terrace complex near 42nd and Post, which has been infamous for violence in recent years.

90 minutes later, police said a man and a woman were found dead after an apparent home invasion on Pasadena. Although several neighbors suspect there was drug activity at home, the police would not discuss a possible motive.

Whatever the various reasons for the murders, Johnny’s friends and family have a message for the whole community after the fatal day.

“This is a call to action. We need people who stand up and speak and no longer say that we don’t know anything. It’s a problem for everyone, ”said Tawnya. “People have to stop shooting to solve problems. That’s not the way. “

So far, the police have not announced any arrests for any of the four shootings. Anyone with information is still encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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